Is Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 Effective?

by Leo Cartland

About Muscle Stack SX-7

Muscle Stack SX-7 is a fitness supplement that is intended to enhance your strength and recuperation for a maximized muscle development. It is promoted as the most potent supplement that’s also undergone clinical tests to confirm its efficiency. Surely, these are huge claims. But we’ll have to get to know it further in order to know whether Muscle Stack SX-7 is indeed a genuine supplement or just one of the many that doesn’t work.

What are the Ingredients in Clear SX-7?

Muscle Stack Clear SX-7 only contains a single component – BetaTor (1,000 mg). The said component is a trademarked kind of HMB, which is a chemical researched for its potential to promote muscle development in both old and young people.

preview-full-shutterstock_552196252One research demonstrates people aged 70 and older got 3 grams of HMB daily for a total of an eight-week span. Simultaneously, the participants also followed a workout routine while taking the component. The result is that HMB intake boosted fat-free gaining of mass, as well as the percentage of fat shed.

In another research, it proves that 3 grams supplementation of HMB in 22 resistance trained men performed in a 9-week span has positive outcome, which includes reduction in fat mass and enhanced power of the lower extremities as long as HMB supplementation is done alongside workouts.

As long as Muscle Stack SX-7 is used as instructed by its company, this supplement can generate lean muscle mass benefits.

What are the Ingredients in Peak SX-7?

Peak SX-7 has two components present:

Peak ATP (400 mg): It is also called adenosine 5’-triphoshate disodium. This particular ingredient delivers added fuel for the muscle cells. Nevertheless, there’s one scientific research that demonstrates that oral adenosine 5’-triphosphate has no bioavailability. Thus, Peak ATP may not have muscle-fueling gains.

Longjack Extract (100 mg): This component underwent research for its potential for promoting physical force when consumed alongside regular workout routine. In a study, 14 male participants went through strength training for seven weeks. 7 out of 14 used the ingredient (100mg of it) while the remaining seven used placebos.

The outcome demonstrates an increase in lean muscle mass for the group that used longjack extract, as well as encountered a more significant boost in physical power.

Clinical Studies

Based on the info on the official site, Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 was studied and underwent trial at the University of Tampa, Florida. The participants of the said study utilized Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 and obtained 18.7 lbs of lean muscle mass in a 12-week period.

Moreover, the participants became also stronger that they were able to lift heavier loads during bench press, deadlift, and squat workouts.

Proper Use of Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7

preview-full-shutterstock_563140999The company behind the supplement said regular workout and proper nutrition are vital in order to experience notable benefits while using the product. For optimal results, the manufacturer gives specific directions for use during workout and non-workout periods.
Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7’s company specifies that on workout days you must take a single dose of Peak SX-7 and another portion of Clear Muscle SX-7 30-45 minutes prior to starting training. For the rest of the day, users must also take 2 more servings of Clear Muscle SX-7.

For non-workout periods, users must take one serving of Clear Muscle SX-7 and another one dose of Peak SX-7 before breakfast. Consume another dose of Clear Muscle X-7 in the afternoon and another one at night.

Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 Price

The price of Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 is $159.99. It can last for about 30 days, depending on the user’s frequency of use.

The cost may appear too expensive, particularly when thinking of it as as permanent supplement, but bear in mind Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 contains two supplements, the Clear Muscle SX-7 and Peak Muscle SX-7. Also, some third-party resellers provide discounts for members.

How Harmless is Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7?

On the product site, no adverse reactions are indicated. We looked up for the components in the supplement’s formulations with the use of medical sites, but the ingredients don’t seem to have any negative medical manifestations.

Is Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 the Real Deal?

Generally speaking, this product for increasing muscle growth is really costly. Of course, the steep price has something to do with containing two supplements in one. So, if you’re keen in getting notable results, you wouldn’t mind spending a few more bucks.

Plus, nearly all of the components involved in Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7’s formulation are substantiated by scientific proof. The sole component in this supplement that we’re concerned about is Peak ATP. Other than this, we think Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 is a supplement worth considering.

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