A Product Review of Advocare Muscle Gain Shake: Is this Harmless and Efficient?

by Leo Cartland

Getting to Know Advocare Muscle Gain Shake

It is a fact that consuming the suggested quantity of protein through your standard diet without simultaneously consuming extra calories and fats is a challenge. It was found in some studies that with excess caloric intake, the result is weight gain. This is where Advocare Muscle Gain Shake comes in, as claimed by its manufacturer. It manages this predicament by loading the supplement with suitable harmonized components that give the muscles the necessary nutrients to further develop. The product’s formulation is touted to have digestive enzymes to enhance digestion and improve overall digestive functions. It is also being marketed as a product that consists of essential vitamins and minerals in order to help you maintain your overall wellness.

The company behind Advocare Muscle Gain Shake recommends this product to those who are attempting to lose weight and maintain their lean tissues. This article aims to evaluate the product more to help you get the enlightenment you need.

shutterstock_420708367Getting to Know the Company

As its name implies, Advocare Muscle Gain Shake is a product of Advocare. Its real business name is AdvoCare International, L.P., a US-based multilevel marketing corporation. Built in 1993, it dedicates itself in improving overall life with the production of nutritional supplements. It was created by Charles Ragus, who died in 2001. Before his passing, he gathered 250 employees who are now behind the company’s continuous operation.

Since it’s a multilevel marketing company, its sales depend on the network of distributors who circulate the products around. As of this writing, it’s said Advocare has an estimated 60,000 distributors.

What are the Components in Advocare Muscle Gain Shake?

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake has a calorie amount of approximately 130 calories per serving. The primary component in this supplement is its protein, containing 25 grams in every packet. After protein, there’s sugar containing 4 grams in every serving. While other protein shakes have fiber, Advocare Muscle Gain Shake does not. The company uses digestive enzymes instead like papain and bromelain to help with digestion.

As for the vitamins, there are vitamins A, C and B, while the mineral contents are magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

shutterstock_525625858Understanding How Advocare Muscle Gain Shake Function

This protein shake intends to aid in the torching of fat by lessening your calorie intake daily. This is the reason why the primary component is protein. As for energy, Advocare Muscle Gain Shake has fewer calories than carbs. This shake is also claimed to aid in the construction of muscles, which can also be helpful in torching more calories.

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake is used as a meal replacement shake. This means that instead of eating 1-2 regular meals, you take this shake as a substitute. The purpose is to torch more fat in the long run with the regular use of this product.

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake Product Features

This protein shake is filled with 25 grams of protein of premier quality in every serving.

The calorie content is limited, which helps dieters achieve weight loss, since the idea is to reduce calorie consumption daily to induce weight loss in the long run.

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake can aid in the replenishing of energy and repression of appetite. Both are crucial to help in the management of one’s weight. With boosted energy levels, you can work out more and with repressed appetite, you steer clear of food and overeating.

This protein shake can also deliver essential nutrients for muscle growth.

Recommended Dose for Advocare Muscle Gain Shake

Advocare suggests combining a packet of Advocare Muscle Gain Shake with 8 ounces of water, milk, or any other healthy beverage of your choosing. Shake it well, so the contents are mixed thoroughly. Put in the fridge for a more delectable taste. You surely want to drink it while chilled. Advocare Muscle Gain Shake is fine to take even among children below 12.

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake Place of Purchase

Since it comes from a multilevel marketing company, you can get this protein shake from a distributor. You can also opt to become a distributor yourself to get product discounts, Plus, you also get the chance to earn through sales commissions.

On the product site, Advocare Muscle Gain Shake is listed with a price of $79.95. Distributors can purchase it for only $63.96, while those who are on the advisor level can purchase the product for only $47.97.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials

Advocare Muscle Gain Shake doesn’t have a lot of customer feedbacks on the web. This may be because it is offered and sold through distributors. Still, we were able to find some testimonials on Amazon.com, which were not sufficient in order to persuade us. In the four reviews we came across with, 3 users gave no less than 4 stars. Nevertheless, it’s better if there are more feedbacks we can read to learn more about the customers’ experiences with Advocare Muscle Gain Shake.

There was one user who emphasized that Advocare Muscle Gain Shake helped his son to gain weight. This reveals that this protein shake can function as both weight loss and weight gain agent. This may be because it is said to burn fat while also encouraging muscle growth. If this is something that you’re seeking to have, then Advocare Muscle Gain Shake should be ideal for you.

Final Verdict: Is Advocare Muscle Gain Shake the Real Deal?

In all honesty, there is nothing remarkable about this meal replacement shake. It is just one of the selections of protein shakes that continue to proliferate in the market. If you’re business savvy or you have a knack for sales, you can try joining its network of distributors. This way, you can try using their products at a discounted price while also earning some extra money.

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