A Product Review of MaxiMusclePromax Lean

by Leo Cartland


MaxiMusclePromax Lean Overview

This protein shake is designed to provide lean muscle mass by the use of essential nutrients. Promax Lean essentially gives the body with a great quantity of protein while making sure that caloric intake is controlled. This product is developed to allow consumers develop lean muscles through consumption of vital nutrients.

preview-full-shutterstock_558821248MaxiMusclePromax Lean’s formula has a blend of BioMAX whey proteins, as well as other significant components important to achieve a balanced nutritional regimen. This also helps you obtain endurance when training. The company behind this protein shake is recognized in the sports industry because its products are specifically catered to athletes and other people who are training. Because Promax Lean is not reasonably priced, it is important to engage in comprehensive research prior to trying this product out.

About the Company

Promax Lean is from the brand MaxiMuscle with MaxiNutrition as its owner. MaxiNutrition is well-known in Europe and is regarded as the topmost company in Europe when it comes to sports nutrition. Built in 1995, it has since created subsequent brands such as Maxitone, Maxiraw, and Maxifuel.

The products under this company are prominent among athletes and sports enthusiasts. These are often found on famous stores as well like Boots, Holland & Barrett and Tesco. In addition, MaxiNutrition does not only provide products for sports nutrition, it also provides support services for athletes who are just starting out. These beginners often need advice in terms of strength development and performance improvement and this is where the company comes in.

Furthermore, international healthcare company GSK acquired MaxiNutrition in February 2011. Most people expected that with this acquisition, the products from that point forward would be much more improved.

Promax Lean Components

The 5 primary elements that comprise Promax Lean are as follows:

BioMAX Whey Protein

This patented blend consists of premier quality of whey protein that’s developed to help the body in getting its muscles defined, as well as encourage enlargement. There’s 38 grams of this ingredient in every serving of this meal replacement shake.


Caffeine has been long recognized for increasing attentiveness and mental concentration. It’s been proven that those who consume caffeine are commonly more alert with their attention enhanced. There’s 125 mg of caffeine per serving of this product.

Vitamin B5

In some studies Vitamin B5 has been shown to improve mental functions, as well as the metabolism of energy.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This natural compound in meat is something that the human body cannot naturally generate. Initial study signifies that CLA can actually aid in terms of muscle enlargement as long as it’s done alongside appropriate training.

Guarana Extract

preview-full-shutterstock_554051920It functions similarly with what caffeine does. It also rouses the central nervous system, as well as the heart and muscles.

The company behind energy suggests to using the product in-between meals, so that you can optimize the components in its formula.

Understanding How Promax Lean Function

The use of this protein shake in-between meals will rouse your nervous system and muscles, which results to your body being geared up for a workout or training.  As you’re in the middle of working out, the protein in the formula alongside the CLA allow the body to construct more muscles while torching the excess fat as well. This process is what makes Promax Lean claim that it can help in muscle definition.

Promax Lean Features

The taste of this protein shake is pleasant.

It gives the body with protein of premier quality that helps muscle development.

Promax Lean rouses the nervous system that helps boosts mental alertness and concentration.

Promax Lean Adverse Reactions

Nearly all the components in Promax Lean are considered harmless for human consumption. The caffeine content, however, can pose an issue such as headaches, insomnia and jitters among people who are sensitive. It is not suggested to take Promax Lean before going to bed.

Duration for the Visibility of Results

In reality, the outcome that Promax Lean can generate will rely on how laborious you work or train. The truth is that this product alone cannot do anything if there’s no exercise or workouts on your part on a regular basis. Good thing the company behind this product gives support services to beginner athletes.

Promax Lean Cost

A bottle of this protein shake which has 20 servings is being sold on the official site for £53.99. If you want to purchase this via Amazon, the price there is £32.31. Promax Lean also comes in various flavors. On the product site, you could avail a discount if you get sufficient scores through the customer reward scheme.

Are there Free Samples/Trials?

There’s no information available that sheds light on this question.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Based on the feedbacks on both the official site and Amazon, it seems that nearly everyone who’s had firsthand experience with Promax Lean is pleased with its performance and effects. Out of 93 users, 55 customers gave Promax Lean 5 stars and there were only 5 customers who were seriously displeased. In general, the positive feedbacks clearly overshadowed the negative ones.

Bottom Line: Is Promax Lean the Real Deal?

For one, Promax Lean is not reasonably priced when compared to similar products. Nonetheless, the reviews are mostly positive and a lot of users actually think Promax Lean is one of the best products out there. Overall, you should consider it.


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