The Proven Libido Boosters to Eat to Improve Your Sex Drive-The Best Foods for Sex

by Leo Cartland
couple getting intimate on kitchen table

1-Red and Orange Bell Peppers

Bell peppers aren’t something that first comes to mind when it comes to libido boosting foods, however the science has proven otherwise. This is because these two types of bell peppers have a tremendous amount of vitamin C in them, providing about 400% of the recommended value in just one pepper.
The key here is to remember that the red and orange varieties are the ones you want to buy here, as they’re the ones that are going to have the highest concentration of vitamin C. Green varieties for example are going to have only a fraction of this amount so again the color is extremely important.

Vitamin C is extremely good at increasing blood circulation which not only helps a man be able to gain and maintain erections, but also helps to improve female libido.


naked woman on table covering private parts with watermelon

Watermelon is another food you want to be eating to improve your sex drive as it provides us with many benefits. This typically a food forgotton after the summer months, however is one you should be eating all year round if it all possible.
This is because watermelon contains certain compounds which are responsible for encouraging the relaxation, or dilation of blood vessels. This violation of the blood vessels opens them up which increases their surface area allowing four more blood to flow through them and improving circulation.

Circulation is improved in all areas of the body, including the sex organs. The amino acids known as citrulline and arginine are mainly responsible for triggering this response by our nervous system, and in turn improves sensation as well.

Citrulline is more concentrated around the outside of the watermelon in the white rind, so make sure not to throw that part away the next time you are carving up your watermelon.

3-Red Grapes

Red grapes are another food typically associated with better sexual function as it improves blood flow and circulation because of its richness in antioxidants. Not only does it do that however, as grapes are also rich in a mineral called boron which is essential to hormonal production.

Boron has been shown to both produce production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women which directly increases libido. Boron is a mineral that is relatively rare as far as our diet is concerned, so make sure to include red grapes in your diet to improve your body’s ability to produce these important hormones.

4-Baked Potato

This is probably a food you didn’t expect to see on the list, but it certainly can do you wonders. This is because potatoes are loaded with potassium, a nutrient essential for improved libido and sex health.

Potassium is important here because of its role in smooth muscle contraction and relaxation. Without the proper amount of potassium in the system the body cannot properly control these muscle contractions, which can restrict blood flow.

Improved blood flow to our sex organs what enables us to experience a greater sensation during sex, which eating more foods high in potassium like potatoes can help us with.
Make sure to eat the whole potato as well, as most of the potassium is going to be found in the skin.

5-Soy for Women

Soy is well known for its isoflavonoids which are chemically very similar to estrogen. This compound is important for women as it helps to keep them more lubricated and enhances sexual pleasure.

The most common foods that contain soy are forms of tofu, soy milk, or eating the soybeans themselves in their natural state otherwise known as edamame.
Men should avoid eating soy products as higher levels of estrogen tends to suppress the production of testosterone, which could potentially decrease a man’s sex drive.


chili pepper and garlic for increased libido

There is a reason why garlic is so popular in many supplements to improve libido, it has been known to be effective in doing so for thousands of years. This has to do with a compound it contains called allicin, which increases blood flow and sensitivity.
Better blood circulation not only means higher sensitivity, but also provides a stronger and longer lasting erection for a man. Having to carry around some gum afterwards is well worth the benefits of eating this powerful food.

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