A Running Plan You Can Use to Lose Weight

by Leo Cartland

If you are on the verge of trying to lose weight, you are in the right spot right here today. You may have gone into the journey of weight loss with some tips but you didn’t have this running plan to help you out. Alright, so maybe you are not a runner but you can be. This running plan is great for any man who is trying to lose weight, get fit or just get energized and feel better about himself. You can do it and you can find out the logistics of this running plan right now.

Running Slower

preview-full-runnersinrace-56cb3af15f9b5879cc542de9Research has shown that if you run slower you are more likely to burn off excess fat than if you were to run fast. This is not what many men have believed but it is the truth. It is helpful to run fast if you would like to build muscle mass. However, when trying to lose weight you should be running slower. If you want to do both things, switch up days by running faster on one day and running slower on the next day. When you run slower for a longer time frame, your endurance is improved. Higher endurance levels means your body is able to burn off more fat so you can lose weight. If you don’t have higher endurance, your body won’t recover as fast which equals less weight loss.

Running Up the Hills

preview-full-runnerYou may think that running down the hills would speed you up and hence make you go faster. However, you just learned that running faster isn’t going to help you as much with your weight loss. If you start running up the hills, not only will you be running slower, but you will have better form and more strength. This is going to help you lose weight and build more muscle mass at once. However, when doing this make sure you are focusing on keeping your hips and knees high. These things are important to your form, especially if you are running a longer distance.

Running Early in the Morning

It might be easier for you to run later in the afternoon or even in the evening. However, if you are trying to lose weight you should be running before you even eat your breakfast. This is going to give your body the best chance at burning off. The reason for this is because after you have eaten you have carbs in your body. Your body will first need to burn off those carbs when you run. By the time your body gets around to burning off the fat, you will be almost done running. Make sure you are running on either an empty stomach or just eat something very small and healthy first.

These are the tips for a great running plan that will help you to lose weight. Keep them in mind as you push yourself forth into your weight loss plan. You can lose weight by eating right, lifting weights and exercising. However, you should also try to incorporate running plan with these tips into your weight loss efforts.

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