Is Sexting a Good Idea? Find Out More Here!

by Leo Cartland

You may have already been sexting in the past but is it always a good idea. Well, there is often a fine line between whether it is a good or bad idea. You can find out more about that here today. Before you do just know that sexting is anything that involves having some sexual fun through text messaging. It is often done quite commonly in many relationships nowadays. There are many couples who are in long-distance relationships who are sexting regularly. There are some ways to figure out if sexting is a good idea.

Testing It Out

sextingBefore you decide to start sexting someone, you need to make sure you are testing it out first. If you just recently met someone, you shouldn’t jump right into sexting. However, once you are feeling comfortable with them you can start testing it out if you want. You can have a little bit of fun with them through texts before you start sexting. You can often figure out if they are comfortable with sexting by making a small sexual joke or something to that matter. You don’t want to ruin a potential relationship by sexting if they don’t like that.

Giving and Receiving

You must remember that you can’t just expect to receive all the pleasure during sexting. If you plan to do that, it is not a good idea at all to start sexting. You are going to need to give as much as you are receiving if not more. You both should be willing participants in the giving and receiving. Getting pleasure may be great but you must be showing her how much you want to please her as well.

Use of Details

sexting-681x401If you are just going to be half doing the sexting and not going full-out, it is not a good idea. You should know that women love details. Be specific if you are both comfortable with sexting. You will find that this allows both of you to get to know each other more sexually and gives you both more pleasure too.

Drunk Sexting

Sexting while drunk is absolutely a bad idea. There is no reason to sext while drunk. The first reason is that you might text something disrespectful or that you don’t mean. In addition, you might miss out on the cues you need to make sure you are pleasing her. Additionally, many men have been known to pass out when drunk sexting. This would be very bad for you.

Live Sex Comes First

You should never try to do sexting if you haven’t had live sex first. This would more than likely be uncomfortable and inappropriate. If you planned on having a relationship with that woman, that would more than likely not happen if you didn’t have live sex first. If you do have a long-distance relationship with someone this rule may be a bit different. However, unless that is the case follow this rule as one that you should never break.

These are some of the ways to tell if sexting is a good or a bad idea. Keep them in mind when you are thinking about sexting anyone you have known or any new woman you have met either.

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