Tired of Water? The Pros and Cons of Sports Drinks

by Steel Care
bottles of different flavored sports drinks

It can be challenging trying to find the necessities for an after workout out boost or a refreshing cool-down method. Some people swear by sports drinks and its powers to hydrate while still providing a person with necessary energy. However, others pledge their allegiance to water for not only its hydrating effects but for its energy promoting benefits and its cooling techniques. So why are sports drinks so popular? Could it be that bright colors attract more people than colorless water? Or is there a benefit to sports drinks everyone has failed to notice? Here is a breakdown of the top pros and cons of drinking sports drinks:


  1. Add Vitamins

Drinking sports drinks after an intense workout or a physical activity will restock your vitamin and mineral count.  Due to sweating, vitamins and minerals will leave your body through the perspiration process making a person feel exhausted. When ingested sports drinks will help the body function accurately and make a person feel energized from these vitamins and minerals, therefore, it’s a good idea to grab a sports drink after intense physical activity to compel your body to operate normally.

  1. Different from Water

fit shirtless guy drinking sports drinkWhile water has been known to be the best for the body after a physical activity, some people don’t like the tastelessness of water. However, sports drinks while they come in different flavors, bottles, and brands many people choose a sports drink just because it’s different from water. High in nutrients are just a perk of the drink, while the flavor content is all the matters. People get bored with the same dull taste of water day after day. With sports drinks, a person can taste the flavors of pink lemonade, orange, grape, and cherry. All in one day too!

  1. Some are Sugar-Free

When drinking a sugar-free sports drink, there is no worry about the energy being harmful instead it’s perfectly healthy. A sugar-free sports drink is the best way to add nutrients and minerals to your body. Since there’s no sugar, the energy you’ll receive is all of your body’s making. Therefore, if you want a healthy option, choose a sugar-free sports drinks against the others.

  1. Filled with Carbohydrates

Drinking a sports drink will allow carbohydrates to enter the body at a fast speed. Carbohydrates may boost performance in physical activities or workout routines as well as help the body function afterward. Therefore, if you want to play a good game of basketball, why not pick up a sports drink? It’s not called cheating if it’s your natural body chemistry.

  1. Filled with Protein

Drinking a sports drink that is high in protein will help in the performance of a physical activity or an exercise. Therefore, it’s best to drink a sports drink in between a physical activity to get the best result. Some people drink a sports drink on breaks of a basketball game or in between running and walking. The protein will increase the performance and make sure that you do your best!

  1. Easy and Practical

While it’s known that sports drinks are easy to drink on the go they are also available in a wide range of places. From gas stations, grocery stores, to even restaurants serves sports drinks in some selected flavors. However, while sports drinks may have started out as a technique to rehydrate the body, the market has indeed grown. Now people, only like the fun flavors that companies keep inventing like blackberry or sour melon. In fact, the bottles change too, to meet their growing market now people have a choice of a large, medium, and small bottle depending on their needs. Therefore, the people only using sports drink after a workout or physical activity you have many chooses to consider.


  1. Sports Drinks May Disintegrate the Teeth  

Some parents will warn you too much sugar is bad for your teeth. However, sugar doesn’t just involve cookies and cakes it also requires soda and sports drinks. If sports drinks are ingested too often, the protected enamel on your teeth may be eaten away by the sugar. Therefore, if you like sports drinks, it is recommended that you buy a sports drink that is sugar-free.

  1. Water is better

bottle of sports drink beside a bottle of waterWhile sports drinks offer a nice replacement to water, most people don’t realize the benefits of water. For example, water hydrates the body and prevents cramps or sprains, helps to control body temperature, and prevents headaches from dehydration. While sports drinks offer nutrients and give the body energy, it only guaranteed after at least forty-five minutes of exercise or physical activity. Therefore, while sports drink may taste better water overall gives a better result.

  1. Most have Caffeine 

Caffeine may sound like the energy you need to recover after a workout, but it’s the opposite. Caffeine is harmful to your body and especially to your nervous system where it can cause sleepiness, dizziness, and restlessness. Sports drinks can have as much as one cup of coffee of caffeine in them. Can you imagine drinking coffee after a workout or a physical activity?

  1. They Can Be Expensive 

While it’s known that sports drinks can be brought everywhere their cost, however, is high. After time the money will add up and soon you will be spending money on a product that could dissolve your teeth, provide you with little to none energy resources, and make you restless. In a nutshell, sports drinks could be entirely useless if not used properly. To make sure you’re spending your money carefully read labels not just flavors and make sure that is no caffeine or sugars in the selected product.

Sports drinks may seem like a nifty alternative to water, they have fun flavors, cool slogans, and neat bottles, but in order to be a true sports drink, there have to be some benefits for fitness lovers everywhere. While sugar-free sports drinks display a reputation for being a healthy option the regular drinks that fly off the shelves can be described as dangerous if used in extreme amounts. But the choice is yours, do you want the crisp, fresh taste of water or the exciting taste of a sports drink?

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