Top Tips for Improving Your Sexual Health and Much More

by Leo Cartland
beetroot fruit and smoothie

Your health is not just about what you are eating or when you are exercising. Your health is not just related to your heart, your weight or your mental health. You may not think about it as often but your health also has to do with your sexual health and many other things too. If you want some of the best tips for improving your sexual health and other things in your life as well…keep reading here today!

Longer Cardio Workouts

crossfit-shoes-for-men1You may think that you have to do the only long cardio workouts. However, there are some studies that show you need to have a mix of lengths for your cardio workouts along with higher intensity training. You should use all your effort when you are doing higher intensity training so you are working your body as much as possible. The truth is that slower cardio (such as a longer run) takes a lot of time and it takes away testosterone. Longer bike rides can even cause prostate issues and erectile dysfunction. That is why you need the combination as just mentioned.

Get More Protein

You should always focus on getting more protein. When you are aging, your muscle is actually going to break down. If you can combine faster exercises and higher intensity training mentioned above with more protein, you can build that muscle mass. If you are getting over 40, it is highly recommended that you are getting around 2 grams of the protein for every kilogram of your body weight.

Stay Cold

You might even need to stay cold if you want to get rid of inflammation in your body. Not only can this help you to get rid of inflammation that is causing you pain but it can raise your fertility and testosterone as well. Keep your bedroom around 65 degrees if you want to get better sleep too.

protein-foods-770x472Reach for Overall Strength

So many men are always trying to get a six-pack. What you really need to be doing is trying for overall strength and not just building your ab muscles. You might look amazing with a six-pack but when you age your overall strength is going to be what matters the most.

Try Some Beets

You should try to eat beets. You may be thinking that is not possible or you never eat those but you should. They have nitrates that help to dilate blood vessels. This would help to improve your heart health and your sex life too.

Call the Doctor

Make sure you are getting your regular check-ups. You may not feel like anything is wrong with you but is better to be safe than sorry. There are many health issues that can arise out of nowhere and you don’t want to be left surprised when something comes up. Going to the doctor can let you know what is going on and can allow you to keep your doctor in the loop about anything new that might be happening with your health as well. In the least, go to the doctor for bloodwork check-ups.

Now you have the tips you need to improve your sexual health and other areas of your health as well.

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