Top Tongue Tips to Give Her Outstanding Oral Sex

by Leo Cartland
husband was blindfolded by her wife

Most guys like to think they know how to really pleasure a woman, but the problem is, they often taught themselves. The vagina is a delicate instrument that needs to be played correctly or it feels like the sound a violin makes when you do not know what the bow is for. If you want to strum your tongue correctly to produce the music of love, you really need to understand all the components of the equipment and how to work their magic.

The problem is that when most men want to give oral sex to a woman, they just wiggle their tongue any old how, hope for the best and then eventually just pump a finger in like a jackhammer. What is the point in this? If you don’t know what you are doing, she is most likely staring up at the ceiling creating a shopping list in her mind. Worse still, you can actually end up hurting her; the opposite of what you intend to do.

Here are a few handy (tonguey) hints for stimulating those orgasms:

  1. Make sure she is comfortable

preview-full-shutterstock_420268945Many men just rush straight down there. Just because you love having your cock sucked, doesn’t mean women are as happy-go-lucky with your face in their vagina. It is quite a vulnerable position to be in for a woman, and therefore it is important that you know she feels comfortable. Ask her first, and secondly, notice if there is tension in her thighs and where she’s putting her hands. Equally, if she tries to pull your head up at any time, take the hint!

  1. Know your clitoris and the limits

The clitoris is covered by a hood of skin. To men, they think this is a door that every woman wants opened. Like snowflakes, every vagina is very different and while some women can deal with a tongue directly on the clitoris, some women are overly sensitive and prefer to be stimulated above the hood. Start with slow circular motions on the hood, and then slowly peek your tongue underneath. If she flinches, she is not game (and it is more common than you think). Don’t take that as a criticism, it means she can get the same pleasure from very little touch.

  1. Mix it up but not too much

When giving oral sex, you want to involve the whole vagina, not just the clitoris. There are sensitive nerve endings around the entrance to the vagina, as well as in the inside of the labia. After circling the clitoris for a while, try moving your tongue slowly up and down until coming down to the opening of the vagina and replicating a kissing action. The action of the tongue moving in and out of the vagina will send shivers of pleasure to the g-spot, while increasing blood flow to the genitals to bring on orgasm.

  1. Listen to her

preview-full-shutterstock_136921391If her breathing becomes quick and irregular, she is enjoying a certain movement you are doing. Stick to this movement. Women’s orgasms last much longer than men’s but they also come on slower. If she starts to breathe erratically, accompanied with soft moans, you are doing something right, so let her have it. If her breathing returns to a normal pace, move on to something new.

Don’t forget the foreplay by really teasing your lady. Kissing the inner thighs and just under the navel will send blood to the genitals, stimulating arousal and getting her excited for what is to come. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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