The Truth About Yohimbe Bark-Is It an Effective Supplement or Not?

by Leo Cartland

Yohimbe bark is a natural herbal supplement which is a native tree to Western Africa. The bark of this tree has been used by people indigenous to the area for hundreds of years and is especially effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

Not only can it help you in the bedroom, but it can help benefit your health overall as it also helps to treat diabetes, depression and can even improve your athletic performance as well.

Yohimbe bark is both effective in treating erectile dysfunction and can boost athletic performance because of its ability to influence vasodilation. This increases circulation of blood throughout the body, which provides tissues the energy the need to perform, whatever the job may be.

This supplement also can help stabilize blood pressure if the problem is that the blood pressure is too low. It can also help to treat psychological issues like depression because of the influence it has over signaling throughout the nervous system as well.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Yohimbe Bark?

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Can Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most common uses for Yohimbe bark is to reduce problems associated with erectile dysfunction, and to boost libido as well. Research has shown that this herbal supplement can increase blood flow to the genitals, which can not only help men with erectile dysfunction but can help boost sensation for both men and women.

Yohimbe root is able to do this because of the role it plays in the signaling pathway of nitric oxide. This signaling dilates the blood vessels in the tissue of the penis, increasing blood flow which causes an erection.

Can Treat Problems Related to Blood Pressure

One of the main issues when it comes to erectile dysfunction is problems with blood flow and blood pressure. Unfortunately for many people erectile dysfunction is just one of many symptoms and problems associated with low blood pressure in certain areas.

People who have problems related to low blood pressure can have many health issues, and is particularly problematic when concerning our vital organs. People who have low blood pressure in their brain for example are prone to dizziness, lower functioning, headaches and other cognitive problems.

Yohimbe is able to help reduce these issues by improving blood circulation to these vital areas, supplying them with the necessary nutrients they need via our blood. Opening up these blood vessels in the brain again for example will help provide it with the oxygen it needs to function optimally.

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Can Boost Athletic Performance and Reduce Fatigue

Yohimbe’s influence over the nervous system allows it to increase adrenaline levels in the body, reducing fatigue during exercise and after exercise. This not only helps to improve performance during an event, but is effective in speeding up recovery time afterwards as well.

Studies have shown that Yohimbe can increase alertness as well and is effective in doing so, similiarly to caffeine. However just like caffeine it can cause restlessness as well, so it is not recommended that you take this supplement before bed.

What Is the Best Form of Yohimbe Bark? How Should You Take It?

Your best bet is to find a supplement in a capsule or pill in a health store online. You can probably find the bark itself if you do enough digging, but it is not really worth the effort in our opinion. There are supplements out there that have the same potency as the bark itself, and you won’t have to go through a supplier from the other side of the planet to get it.

Just make sure you are buying from a reputable supplier that is selling you a high quality, potent product.

What dosage you need it going to depend on a few factors. First you have to take your size in to consideration, as the heavier you are the higher the dosage you are going to need. The dosage you will need is also going to depend on your reasoning for taking the supplement as well.

If you are taking it for erectile dysfunction, you are going to need to take more per day on average than someone who is taking it for its hypotension benefits. Those that are taking the supplement for erectile dysfunction should also be taking it multiple times throughout the day, broken up in to smaller doses.

This is so that you have an ample amount of the supplement circulating through your body throughout the day, making you ready to go whenever, where ever.

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