Use This Exercise Ball Workout Routine Starting Today

by Leo Cartland

If you enjoy working out with an exercise ball, you are going to enjoy this exercise ball workout routine. It may not be like going to the gym but your body is going to benefit all the same. Using an exercise ball allows you to vary the positions of certain exercises. It also allows you to stretch further than without the ball. There are many exercises you can do with an exercise ball and this routine is going to be just what you need. If you are interested in these workouts but you don’t have an exercise ball, go get one and get started. Before you start though, make sure you start easy and push yourself week after week. At the first level, you should only be doing 3 sets. For every level, up from there or every week or two after, you will increase the sets by 2. In between sets, you should rest for about 2 minutes.


preview-full-exercise-ballYour exercise ball workout routine should start with roll-ins. What are these? They are quite simple. You put your hands on the floor and your feet up on the exercise ball. You will roll your legs in so your knees are bent. Hold that for 2 seconds and then push your legs back straight. For the first level, you should do 10 to 15 roll-ins for every set.


preview-full-comp-903148-thomasmacdonaldThe bridges can seem fun. They are started from lying on your back or shoulders. Your feet will be up on the ball with your knees bent. Your butt will be off from the ball. You will then push the ball out with your feet so your butt and legs are straight at about a 45-degree angle. When starting at the first level, you should be doing 10 to 15 of these per set.


Yes, you can do push-ups while on an exercise ball and they actually do better than normal push-ups for your body. You get yourself in a push-up position with your feet up on the ball. Your legs and back should be straight. Now, you will just do your push-ups. At the first level, you will be doing 10 to 15 of these for each set.


The next step in your exercise ball workout routine should be 20 to 30 crunches. Instead of laying your back down on the floor, your back will be on the ball. These are a bit more difficult than the normal crunches but you will get used to them.

Side Crunches

After you have done the crunches, you should be doing 20 to 30 of the side crunches. You lay your side on the exercise ball and bend your body up a bit. Don’t push your body to far or you could become injured. You will need to work on focusing your balance or you could fall off the ball easily with this exercise.

Back Extensions

The last part of this exercise ball workout routine is the back extensions. For this exercise, you start by laying your stomach on the ball. After you have done that, you will bend your body up so your back stretches. Your hands should be behind your head as if you were doing a push-up.

These are the most important exercises you can do with an exercise ball. If you haven’t been using an exercise ball, you can start right away. Just make sure if you aren’t used to them, you start at the first level and go up from there.

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