Most Used Exercises by Men


Men need to exercise for many reasons. Exercising can help to improve overall health, prevent certain health issues and help with fitness improvement as well. There are many exercises that a man can do and that will help. However, today you are going to learn about the most commonly used exercises that men have benefited from. After learning more about these exercises, you should try to incorporate them into your weekly fitness schedule.


crossfit-shoes-for-men1CrossFit is an amazing higher intensity workout program and it is a favorite for many men. It is becoming more and more popular as the word spreads about how beneficial it is. In just the past few years, many men are putting CrossFit on the top of their fitness program list.


Yes, yoga is an exercise and you can benefit from it in many ways. Some men think that if they do yoga they are going to be less manly. The truth is yoga is for anyone. It is helpful in calming your mind and allowing yourself to refocus. When you can refocus, you can commit yourself more to your fitness program.


men-to-follow-on-instagramMen are jumping all over the Insanity Program. The more intense the workout, the more men seem to grab a hold and kick it into high gear. The great news is that men are seeing a ton of benefits when taking part in the Insanity Program. Men who want to gain muscle even faster during this program are even using a natural supplement to help called NitroGenix 365.


P90X is another similarly intense workout programs like Insanity. It is a top selling fitness program and men are loving it. If you want to build big muscles much quicker, you may want to go with this program too.

Couch to 5K

This is an awesome program that will help you to go from sedentary living to running a 5K race in less than 30 minutes in only 9 simple weeks. It is a great running program and you can benefit a great deal from it.

Squat Challenge

This is a challenging program that allows you to increase the number of squats you can do. It is one of the most effective fitness based exercises which is why so many men are sticking to these challenges.


Planks are becoming more and more popular in just about every exercise program there is. You can do planks on their own too. As you keep increasing the number you do, you will feel and see the benefits in no time.

Start doing some or all the most commonly used exercises by men. You will enjoy how well they get you fit and how quickly they do so as well. Get fit and get going today!