Do You Want to Have Sex More Often? Try These Tips!


Are you finding that your sex life is a bore? Do you think that you woman is straying from you for any reason? Maybe she is feeling the same about your sex life together. If you want to have sex more often, there are some tips that you should pay attention to. If you want to get her in the mood more often or you want to add some excitement to your sex life, here are some tips you can start using today!

Want, Not a Need

shutterstock_345419429The first thing you need to know if you want to have sex more often is that you should think of it as a want and not a need. If she feels like you need to have sex, she is going to feel like you are going to stray from her if she doesn’t have sex. You should never make her feel like she has to have sex with you. That  will make everything uncomfortable and it will take away all of the passion out of having sex as well. How can you make it seem like a want and feel that way? You can start by caressing her often over the course of the day and not just during sex. Show her that you care about her. Start surprising her with intimate and romantic things.


You may never guess how much women love to cuddle. Yes, you may know this but the truth is to them it is often a major turn on. If you want to have sex more often, make sure you are cuddling with her more often as well. When she is sitting down and watching television, go and sit with her. If she is lying in bed, don’t always try to have sex with her. Cuddling would turn her on many of the times. It may seem like it isn’t going to work but give it a try and just see what happens.

Complimenting Her

reflexology-orgasmWomen love to be complimented. If you want to have sex more often, compliment her. Now, every sentence out of your mouth shouldn’t be a compliment. If you compliment her all the time it isn’t going to be as special. However, make sure you are doing it at least once or twice a day. You don’t have to only compliment her on her looks. You can give her compliments on how hard she works, keeping the house clean, being creative and much more. Think of unique things and don’t always give her the same compliment. She is going to be blushing and in bed with you before you know it.

Keep Up with Your Appearance

One of the other ways that you can have sex more often is to keep up with your own appearance. Women love a great smelling man. Find a cologne that turns her on and use it when you want to get her in the mood but not all the time. Make sure that you shave and dress nice every now and again to get her in the mood. You can also keep up with your appearance down there too. You can take Sexual Overdrive supplements to show off your manhood.

Now that you know how to have sex more often, you can start using these tips today!