Ways and Exercises That Can Boost Testosterone Level 

by Ace Ryder
buff man preparing to workout in gym

It is important for a man to produce testosterone and to have a normal testosterone level. This hormone is responsible for the development of male characteristics such as their body and facial hair, bone and muscle mass, deepening of the voice, and the production of sperm. It also stimulates a man’s sex drive and regulates the production of red blood cells. So, basically, if a man has a low testosterone level or low T level, it can take a toll on the person’s mental health and energy. It can also affect the sex drive, muscle and bone mass, erection, etc. Believe it or not, exercise is one of the effective and helpful ways to boost testosterone. Exercises to boost testosterone level are effective because it promotes muscle building and weight resistance.




When it comes to treating low testosterone, usually the first thing that comes into the person’s mind is to take testosterone pills and supplements to gain a normal testosterone level. Here is the list of several natural ways to boost testosterone.


Exercise and weightlifting 


As mentioned earlier in this article, exercise promotes muscle building and weight resistance. Strength training can boost your testosterone level, so it is important to focus on working out on your muscles. The best exercises for boosting testosterone will be discussed later in this article so keep reading.


Balanced diet 


Ways and Exercises That Can Boost Testosterone Level 

The foods you eat, of course, influences your health. It also affects the hormones so eating healthily is important if you want to maintain a normal amount of testosterone or increase your low testosterone level. Overeating can damage the hormone level so here are the foods that you can include on your meals. Onions and garlic produce more sperm and trigger the body to produce more sperm. Foods that contain protein such as fish, egg, chicken, nuts, tofu, and seeds are recommended too. Since vitamin D is vital in hormone production and is a natural testosterone booster, eating fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna will help increase your testosterone level and regulate the production of hormones. Zinc helps the body produce testosterone so eating beans, beefs, and oysters will provide your body this mineral. You should probably stop drinking orange juice too and replace it with a glass of pomegranate as it helps lower stress hormones level and increases the production of sex hormones including testosterone. Also, if you’re a heavy drinker, you should probably back off the beer as alcohol can damage your organs and the hormones.


Relieve stress


Stress has an impact on testosterone. It elevates the hormone cortisol and can lead to a quick reduction in the hormone testosterone.


Take vitamins and supplements 


Since vitamin D plays a role in hormone production and is a natural testosterone booster, getting at least 15 minutes regular exposure to sunlight can help you naturally gain vitamin D. Also eating fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna increases the vitamin D in your body. DHEA is also another hormone that produces hormones so taking DHEA supplements can also regulate the production of hormones, including testosterone.


Get enough sleep


Getting enough sleep not only reduces stress, the testosterone levels are at a peak when you are sleeping and stays at the same level once you wake up. This still depends on the hours of sleep you got. If it’s 5-7 hours, then there is a possible 15% reduction in your testosterone levels once you wake up.


Shift to a healthier lifestyle 


Enjoying your sex life while practicing a healthy lifestyle will regulate your sex hormones especially the testosterone. Take note that it is important to quit alcohol if you’re a heavy drinker as it has no benefits but will only damage your organs and decrease your testosterone level. Happiness, success, and laughter will add to a healthier lifestyle so make sure you are making the most out of these three.




It has been discussed earlier that one of the ways to boost testosterone is through exercise. There are factors to consider when working out. First is your age, then your weight, the fitness level, and the timing of the workout. Obesity, of course, is a hindrance when working out. But, since the person will lose pounds as they exercise, that is how it can help in improving the testosterone level. It is important to lose weight to maintain a normal testosterone level. The workout should also be appropriate to the age of the person and since the testosterones are highest in the morning, it will be better to exercise during that time.


Resistance training 


Weightlifting is an example of resistance training and it is an effective way to boost testosterone because it increases the muscle mass that triggers the body to produce more testosterone. It is important to strengthen the whole body and to ask help from a trainer if you’re new to weightlifting and other resistance training as it may cause serious injury to your muscles if not done right.


High-intensity interval training 


man lifting tire intense circuit exercise

A cardiovascular exercise or high-intensity training helps raise testosterone levels and is most effective when resting for a minute or two between intervals is implemented. It will enhance your testosterone levels and promote good heart health because of the cardio exercise.


Longer rest periods 


Resting for around 120 seconds is a lot more effective in building testosterone than resting shorter than 120 seconds. Still, shorter rest periods are great for building other testosterones. It’s just that studies showed that longer rest periods are better for increasing the testosterone level.




It is important for men to produce a normal amount of testosterone. Whether men with low testosterone levels increase it through testosterone pills or natural ways and exercises doesn’t matter. What is important is for them to practice a healthy lifestyle especially quitting alcohol or any substance abuse to have and maintain a normal testosterone level.

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