Ways to Eat Healthier at Restaurants

by Leo Cartland

Everyone is going to eat at a restaurant at some point or another. If you eat out a lot, you should make sure you do so nutritiously. There are many restaurants that now have a healthy menu or at least a part of the menu that is healthier than the rest. The good news is that you can change the order from what it says on the menu at most restaurants. If they put bacon on something, you can ask for ham or turkey instead. If they fry something, you can ask for grilled. There are many ways that you can eat healthier at restaurants. Find out how you can do this here!

Avoiding the Sauce

preview-full-Eat-Healthy-Meal-even-at-Restaurants-Health-Topics-JournalJust about every sauce that is served in a restaurant is going to be unhealthy for you. When you are on a diet or trying to eat nutritiously, you should do your best to avoid the sauces that are served, especially if they are served in a restaurant. The restaurant usually tops foods with sauce so they can improve the taste of your dish. However, most sauces have harmful chemicals on them along with loads of sugar and fat. If you love Chinese food, you should know that the sauce put on those dishes are one of the worst for your nutritious lifestyle. If you are going to have sauce on your food, either bring a small container of a natural sauce or ask for a substitute. You can choose a low-calorie sauce if they have it or even ask for tomato sauce as a replacement. If there are no healthy sauces being served, you may just have to avoid sauce altogether.

Grilled and Fried Foods

When you are going to restaurants and you want to eat healthier, you should always choose grilled foods instead of fried foods. Fried foods are bad for your health and they are loaded with oils that cause digestive issues as well. When the restaurant is cooking your food, ask for it to be grilled. You can tell them you don’t want any oil cooked with your meat.

Eating Fiber Carbohydrates

If you are going to eat out at a restaurant, you should know that most carbohydrates are not good for you. However, you can eat the fiber carbohydrates. These foods will include broccoli, beans and brown rice. If your meal is served with a different type of carbohydrate according to the menu, ask the waiter or waitress for a substitute.

White Meat Choices

preview-full-healthy-eats-largeIf you are going to order meat at the restaurant, you should be avoiding the red meats. Instead, look at the menu and choose seafood or chicken. You may love chowing down on a big juicy steak but it is not worth it. White meat is the better choice over red meat any day.

Low Sugar Meals

Yuck, right. Well, they may not have as much taste to them but you should choose low sugar meals when you are eating out at a restaurant. Most meals do not come without extra sugar added into them but you can make this a request when you place your order. There may be a portion of the menu that states low-sugar or fat-free meals. These ones are healthier for you.

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