Why is it Beneficial to Experiment with Mutual Masturbation?

by Steel Care
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Overview of mutual masturbation

Sex is one of the most awesome things to do in life, and no one can possibly deny it. Masturbation is a part of the sex life of most of the people. Masturbation is sexual activities in which a person himself/herself stimulates his/her own genitals for a sexual pleasure till the point of orgasm.

Many people are involved in masturbation, but not many people experiment with mutual masturbation. It may be because they feel awkward to masturbate in front of their partner. But you must get over this feeling.

Just think about it, many people masturbate when they’re alone, and it’s very normal. When you’re married, you are one as a person. So, do not hesitate to share your feelings and have fun together. Mutual masturbation is just about assisting each other in masturbation and doing it together in front of each other.

According to the survey, around 6 out of 10 couples are not happy with their relationships. Share everything and feel comfortable with each other’s skin to be in a happier relationship. There are tons of benefits of mutual masturbation.

Why should you give mutual masturbation a try?

There are plenty of things in the world to try out. Some of those things are beneficial while some other things are not beneficial to try. There are also some things that are beneficial, but people hesitate to give it a try; mutual masturbation is one of them.

When couples stay together for an extended period of time, they slowly lose their interest in each other. There is a need to consistently try new things out to spice up their love and sex life. Some of those new things could be oral sex, different sex positions, and mutual masturbation.

Talking about why you should give mutual masturbation a try, here are some of the major benefits of mutual masturbation to make you realize the benefits you are missing out on by not trying mutual masturbation.

  1. A new level of intimacy

intimate mornings in bedMasturbation is usually regarded as solo sex, and couples do not share their masturbation experience with each other. A mutual jerking or dual masturbation can help you reach a new level of intimacy.

Both of you will not have any shame of talking about masturbation, which is quite natural. Getting used to mutual masturbation will remove all the aspects of shame that are associated with masturbation.

When you try out mutual jerking, it could be the sexiest things you have ever done till now. This kind of intimacy will allow you to have a mind-blowing sexual experience. Both partners will have more acceptances towards their wants and desires after experimenting with mutual masturbation.

  1. Mix things up

Couples tend to spend more time together when they are newly married. However, things start to get boring and stale when couples stay together for a long period of time.  The study shows that the level of testosterone starts to decline with age among men, which means a lower sex drive.

Many people want to keep their marriage interesting for a long period of time, but they fail to do so due to a lack of experimentation.

Trying out dual masturbation can help in bringing new fun in your sex life. There is no specific place to try out mutual masturbation. Try it out wherever you feel comfortable. It can be tried out in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

Try to make this experience, even more, fun by wearing sexy lingerie or by working out in a romantic setup.

  1. A new twist

A mutual masturbation session is a very nice way to know your partner in a better way. First of all, masturbation helps a person to know deeper about their own body. A dual masturbation session can help you to understand your partner’s body in a better way.

You will see how your partner takes care of themselves, and it would also seem like a live sex show. A new twist in your sex life for sure, and you will know how fun it is once you give it a shot.

When both of you start entertaining each other with mutual masturbation, you start to realize the importance of taking care of your body and sexual needs. And, it can also help you to have a much longer session with each other in the future, enjoying masturbating in front of each other.

  1. It will make men realize that it does not take a long time for women to reach orgasm

Most of the men get very nervous when they think about satisfying their partner on the bed. They think that it takes women a very long time to reach orgasm. After getting involved in mutual masturbation, it will ease the stress of men to some extent.

It does not take a lot of time for women to reach orgasm. Some prescribed activities do not lead to female orgasm, or it may take longer for women to reach orgasm with those prescribed activities.

When both partners masturbate together, it will allow women to show their male partners the trick to make them reach orgasm in a better way. Both the partners might reach orgasm at the same time, which may actually surprise both the partners.

It will allow couples to learn about each other’s bodies, which can help them to have a better sexual experience in the future.

  1. Masturbation will no longer bother each other

undressing red lace lingerieAfter getting involved in mutual masturbation, masturbation will no longer bother each other as it used to in the past. Both males and females can masturbate comfortably when they’re around without any hesitation. There would be no need to hide the fact that you need to masturbate despite being in a marital relationship.

Both of you will begin to understand that just because the other partner masturbates, it does not mean that they do not love you anymore.

What are the risks of mutual masturbation?

Many of you may think that there are no risks of mutual masturbation because no bodily fluids are exchanged. However, the fact is that each and every sexual activity has some kinds of risks associated with it.

The risks of STDs and other infections are very low in mutual masturbation in comparison to vaginal sex, but there is a slight bit of risk involved in mutual masturbation too.


There are tons of benefits of mutual masturbation, and it carries very few risks. So, what should be your next step? You should definitely give mutual masturbation a try. The lack of sexual frequency is one of the major causes of divorce, according to the study. With mutual masturbation, you can strengthen your marital relationship too.

Try everything you can to enhance your marriage and sex life. Do not hesitate to experiment or talk about your sexual problems with a doctor if needed. A healthy sex life leads to better health and also a better career.

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