Will Running Help You Lose Belly Fat?

by Leo Cartland

You are looking to lose more belly fat. How are you going to do this? Well, you have many options right now and one of the best ones that you can take on is running. Running provides your body with so many physical, emotional and mental benefits. There are various fitness plans that include running which just goes to show you that it is going to help in getting rid of belly fat so you can get fit. You may think that getting rid of belly fat is more associated with weight loss and it is. However, if you have belly fat, you need to get rid of that if you are going to get fit. So, what do you need to know about running to help you lose belly fat?

preview-full-shutterstock_287558735 - CopyBurning fat as fuel. One of the first things you need to know about running is that it helps you to burn off fat as fuel. When you exercise hard through running your muscle mitochondria is able to burn more and more fat the harder you run. This means more fuel from your body to get you more fit.

Burning off high numbers of calories. Running is one of the best ways that you can burn off a high number of calories. It is healthy for your heart too. When you run and push yourself harder, your body fuels up so more calories can be burnt.

Run more. If you want to get fit and lose belly fat, you need to run more each day than you think you can. For example, if you are running and getting exhausted towards the end of the road, keep going. If you have three more driveways until the end of the road, at least push yourself one more driveway.

Training. When you get a running trainer, you can learn proper running form that will help you to burn off more fat and build bigger muscles too.

Workout Buddy. To burn off more belly fat and get fit, you may want to try running with a workout buddy. The two of you can push each other harder than if you were to run on your own. You can keep each other accountable as well.

Make a plan. You should also make sure you have a running exercise plan. If you don’t have a plan, you are unlikely to reach the loss of belly fat you would like to achieve. Not enough belly fat loss means not enough muscle growth in your stomach or abs either.

Hours of running. Most research shows that if you want to lose belly fat through running you should make sure you are running for at least ten hours each week.

Change your route. If your body gets familiar with the same running route, you are less likely to burn off belly fat in the process. If you have been running for a while and you need some challenge, you can run in trails and up hills. This is sure to help you get burning off more belly fat.

Intensity. Again, once your body gets used to running at the same intensity, you are less likely to burn off belly fat. You must change up your intensity at some points. You can run at a normal pace three days a week and then run as hard as you can two other days. This is just an example, you can change it to fit what works for you.

Time yourself. Another way that you can be sure to burn off more belly fat when you are running is to time yourself and then try to beat your time. Run one mile and time yourself. Keep running days after that and time yourself each day. Every day you should do your best to beat or at least meet the time from the day before that.

preview-full-shutterstock_141950908Running and strength exercises. If you want to lose the most belly fat that you can, you should make a running plan along with doing strength exercises. This will help to work out your body in just the right ways.

Running is able to help you in losing belly fat. You may need to do other exercises in addition to running if you want to lose as much belly fat as you want, but you can benefit in this area from running.

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