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So you’ve heard about XR30 and would want to know if it works? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we will talk about XR30 in depth and see if it could really live up to the hype.

XR30 is one of the hottest workout programs to ever hit the industry. Despite being in the market for just a few months, XR30 has been on a roll, scoring positive reviews after positive reviews. In just the past week, we’ve encountered well-known fitness personalities trying the program out and saying that it was the most intense workout program they’ve had in their lives, as well as casual fitness guys just trying to be in shape.

XR30 means Xtreme Results 30. That’s 30 minutes of workout, 4 times a week, 30 days. That’s all you have to do to get an amazing body. Who wouldn’t want that? A year’s worth of fitness progress all compressed in just 30 days? Sign me up.

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Of course, not every fitness program is meant to be accepted by everyone with open arms. Its rising popularity also gave birth to questions such as “IS XR30 SAFE?”, “Does XR30 work?”, and “IS XR30 a scam?”. Such inquiries are normal for any customer who wants to know more about the product that they are interested in. We will tackle these questions during the discussion.


Anyone who is worth their salt in the fitness industry would tell you that the only real way to weight loss is just to burn more than what you consume. Caloric deficit. Ketosis. Lipolysis. These are the processes that would make you lose fat in your body. You do not need schemes and workouts that aim to drain your body of fluids to make you appear light. XR30 targets fat stores and works on it so you can enjoy your real body transformation.
XR30 works by combining two key elements of weight loss – food intake and physical activity. To control your food intake, XR30 has a program called THINK, which essentially means Thermogenic High quality Ingredients for Natural Ketosis. The diet is essential for the program because it restricts your caloric intake to trigger your body into entering its natural ketosis state. During ketosis, the body burns fat instead of calories because there isn’t much calories in your diet. At the same time, when your body’s metabolism speeds up because of thermogenesis and the intense workouts, the amount of fat burned goes up exponentially. The THINK plan could already work as a weight loss diet, but in the interest of making fast results, XR30 has combined the THINK plan with the most intense home workout – SMART.

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SMART stands for Scientific Muscle Activation and Recovery Technique. The idea for SMART comes from the saying that it’s good to work hard, but it’s better to work SMART. The workout program for XR30 derives its roots from kinesiology, calisthenics, VO2Max, and Afterburn. The focus is on the person’s heart rate, and keeping it above 90% for maximum fat burning results. The SMART workout essentially makes the body continue burning fat for hours after completing your workouts. As intense as the SMART workouts are, they are incredibly easy to perform even for beginners. The only challenge would be to keep up with the pace. Just work out for 30 minutes every day, 4 times a week, and you’re all set. The workouts are short, and would hardly make you feel spent. Many of those who have tried XR30 have done more than 4 workouts a week, simply because they know that their body can handle the extra challenge.


Good workout videos feature the best trainers. I’m sure you have a fitness trainer or two in mind that pops in your head when you think about workouts, and for XR30, it would soon be the same. Breann and Ian are two of the most charismatic fitness trainers you will ever come across. It does feel genuine when the two talk about fitness, and based on how they talk about fitness, you would easily get the feeling that they really do know a lot about fitness. Get to know more about the trainers here:

Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is the lead strength and fitness trainer in PXR30’s SMART workouts. Ian is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a professional bodybuilder under the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Ian also holds multiple black belts in various martial arts disciplines. Ian is a member of the Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA, and has appeared in various movies and TV shows. Ian Lauer is also a prolific writer, producer, stunt coordinator, and choreographer. The concept of fitness was ingrained in Ian at an early age. Ian started training as a freshman in high school as he progressed as a football athlete. Ian moved to California to pursue a career in fitness modeling, and eventually competed as a professional bodybuilder.

Breann Mitchell

Breann is an advanced fitness instructor with over 17 years of training experience. Breann is currently the Regional Fitness Programming Director for a multi-city fitness company. She holds a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health from San Diego State University. She also holds national certifications as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with AFAA, NASM, ACSM and various individual format certifications. Breann regularly oversees group exercises as well as personal one-on-one training.

According to Vision Bodies, Ian Lauer and Breann Mitchell helped create the workout program for XR30. The workouts themselves are selected specifically for the low skill requirement to pull them off. While the workouts are easy to perform, keeping up with the pace is where all the intensity comes from. The intensity of the workouts, together with the meal plan, let you continue burning fat for hours after you’re done with your workouts.


This would be the second time I will buy from Vision Bodies. I just know that when it comes to quality, Vision Bodies is up there, and it did not disappoint. XR30 is definitely not for everyone. You need to take the program seriously for you to see results. You probably won’t have any problems taking XR30 seriously because they have made it easy to follow, from the workouts to the meal plan, everything is easy. Everything is simple. All you have to do is just stick with the program and you’re all set. That’s all you really have to do.

Kevin A.

XR30 is definitely a must-try if you’re looking to get results fast. I’ve been working out for the last decade, going through bulking and cutting, and XR30 by far gave me the fastest cut I’ve ever experienced. Typically it takes me 3-4 months of ghastly cutting to get the physique I want, and that involves intermittently starving myself and doing bouts with cardio. It was hell every other day, basically. But with XR30, it only took me 30 days, and the diet was particularly satisfying. I didn’t think I was on a diet! I just followed the workout and exercise, and pretty soon I was losing pounds by the day.

Matt C.

I finally lost my post-pregnancy belly thanks to XR30. I’ve done all sorts of workouts, pilates, yoga – none of them actually worked in getting rid of my belly. Thanks to XR30, I have the time now to exercise with actual results. I look forward to the time of day where I get to watch Breann and Ian do the workouts. With every routine, I can feel the burn inside me, melting fat off my belly. It was really amazing, and the best part is, I still get to be at home, taking care of my kids.

Leann V.

Before I bought XR30, I got an expensive treadmill for $600. After a month, I only lost 3 pounds, which I was really proud of. I discovered XR30, and my opinion regarding my treadmill quickly changed. I realized that I didn’t really need the bulky machine, and all I needed was in XR30. I lost 19 pounds on my first month of XR30. I also went down 3 dress sizes. Had I known there was XR30 5 months ago, I would have saved myself $600.
Pam C.


It’s pretty clear that XR30 is a must-have fitness workout. If you are looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle, then XR30 is the best guide that will take you there. XR30 comes with a money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it, just send it back for a refund. Based on what everyone says about XR30, I doubt that you will ever think about returning it. It’s the real deal. Make the smart choice and get yourself XR30. Visit the official website of XR30 to know how to order.

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